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QUEEN MARY Travel Posters

QM Posters 004 QM Posters 003 QM Posters 002 QM Posters 001Except for the poster depicting the swimming pool aboard Queen Mary, these impressive reproductions are a treat for the eye.  The 2 largest are over 20 years old and the smaller, gold-trimmed one is about 5 years old.  The poster advertising the First-Class Swimming Pool and stating “Getting There is Half the Fun” is an actual advertisement from the 1950s.  The reproductions of the older posters indicating “Cunard White Star” illuminate the change of ocean travel during the Queen‘s career.  Through the 1930s and 1940s, Cunard White Star attempted to sway travelers to their liners with the magical illustrations when crossing the Atlantic was only possible by ship.  The posters exuded class, style, and sophistication.  But the increase in technology gained from World War II enabled jets to cross the pond in hours rather than days during the 1950s and ship passengers began to dwindle.  Cunard dropped White Star from their name, changed their advertising efforts to holiday, and attempted to entice travelers with the public relations catch phrase “Getting There Is Half The Fun”.  Queen Mary began losing money for Cunard as a result and although she sailed until 1967, she and other giant liners became dinosaurs.  Aside from the liner United States which awaits redemption from her rusty exterior and stripped interiors on the East coast, the Queen Mary is the only liner in the world to showcase the golden era of ocean travel.  An engineer friend from California stated recently that the Queen could potentially last 300 years given proper protection from corrosion and rust.  We can only be bold by exclaiming to future generations, “Long live the Queen!”

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