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Chessboard from QUEEN MARY Lounge

ImageThe chessboard pictured above was purchased approximately 5 years ago from a dealer in England.  As I recall, it cost $450.00 and since I had only seen one other in all the years I have collected Queen Mary memorabilia, I snatched it up.  This past week, I was contacted by another dealer in California with an example identical to this one who asked $2,500.00.  He is a friend who graciously gives me first dibs on Queen Mary pieces he comes across and when I explained that I already had one but thanked him, he was uncertain as whether to list it on Ebay or contact other collectors first.  He called this morning and excitedly told me he had sold it to a collector who offered $3,000.00 not to list it on Ebay.  I have long been advised that my Queen Mary collection was an investment that would only increase in value as the years went by.  Indeed, judging by the transaction of the chessboard, I may need to have my collection appraised and buy an insurance policy!

The chessboard has individually cut squares of walnut and other woods I am not familiar with and stained in light oak and dark mahogany.  It is quite heavy to prevent movement in heavy seas and as far as I know, was used exclusively on Queen Mary in the First Class Lounge.   



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