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QUEEN MARY Silver and Gold

Queen Mary offered dining experiences which rivaled even the most chic restaurants ashore.  The gold-plated fruit basket and silver vase in my collection can be clearly seen in the above photo from 1952.  While the carnations and fruit are fake in my collection (thank you, Jeff Cox from Nature’s Nest!), Cunard White Star offered fresh flowers and fruit to all First-Class passengers.  When the line attempted to substitute silk arrangements in the early 60’s, the outrage from faithful travelers was so intense that fresh flowers were once again utilized despite the cost.  Interestingly, the presentation versus quality of a meal at sea was very evident as an article in TIME magazine bluntly stated that while the trappings of a First Class dining experience was superior to any other liner, the quality of British food was very much lacking.  The British were emphatically notImageImageImageImage famous for satisfying the palate as opposed to the French but the presentation did indeed surpass any prepared at sea or ashore.   

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