Model of QUEEN MARY Liquor Bottle

Garnier Liquor Bottle 001 Garnier Liquor Bottle 002 Garnier Liquor Bottle 003 Garnier Liquor Bottle 004This commemorative liquor bottle from the Queen Mary has never been opened.  The contents of Creme de Menthe can be heard splashing when handling the exquisite piece.  It was made by Garnier of France.  The sticker and cork have never been removed from her first smokestack as can be seen by the photos.  An internet search reveals that occasionally the Creme de Menthe stains the white superstructure but so far, this example is pristine.  One of my favorite, unique pieces!


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2 responses to “Model of QUEEN MARY Liquor Bottle

  1. Mary McBee

    I have one of the Queen Mary Creme de Menthe bottles to sell. Are you interested in buying it?


    • Hi, Ms Mcbee! Thank you for looking at my blog and commenting. I am not interested in buying another liquor bottle but thanks for offering it to me. I gave approximately $140.00 for mine but it is unopened, blemish-free, and in original box. Might want to consider Ebay but I bought mine from an ocean-liner collectibles dealer. Good luck! Sincerely, Keith Wayne McCoy


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