QUEEN MARY Hand-carved Musical Motif Clock

Long Gallery Hands Long Gallery Decor 004 Long Gallery Decor 003 Long Gallery Decor 002The above black and white photo (courtesy of the Craig and Shara Anderson collection) shows what the Long Gallery’s original clock looked like during her career.  It was nearly 4 foot wide and completely hand-carved.  Once Queen Mary arrived in Long Beach, though, the renovators tore out this beautiful clock and the wreath of musical instruments and hands were divided into several separate pieces and sold at auction.  While I would certainly love to own the complete wreath, I have 2 segments on display in my bedroom as seen in the color photos.  The attention to detail and the sheer enterprise of creating such a masterpiece is remarkable.  In fact, most of the wood aboard her majesty were treated with human hands, not machines.  It is an inescapable fact that no present liner can even approach Queen Mary’ s grandeur.  Mankind will never build such a hands-on liner again and although it is shameful that so much was thoughtlessly dismantled by Long Beach, at least her corridors and public rooms are essentially the same as when she sailed.


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2 responses to “QUEEN MARY Hand-carved Musical Motif Clock

  1. Beautiful carving and well-displayed. An unusual design for a clock. Is there anything special behind it?


  2. Hi, Rita! Thanks for your comments – makes me know that someone is looking! The wreath itself was “tacked” onto the wood paneling while the clock mechanism was behind the wall. I would have loved to bought more pieces but they went outrageously. I would have easily spent $12,000 for all pieces (hate Ebay). Thanks again!


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