Complete QUEEN MARY Tea Set For Sale

Foley Tea Set 001I recently sold a Queen Mary deck chair and blanket as I had 2 and haven’t the room to display both.  Both deck chairs had a complete 9-piece tea set by Foley on a brown bakelite tray especially used for deck chair use at tea time.  Since I don’t need 2 sets of tea sets, I am selling one.  There are no cracks or chips in the china.  I will send the bakelite tray marked Cunard for free as it has a chipped corner with glued piece.  It has a sticker signifying it as used on the last transatlantic voyage of Queen Mary.  I am asking $1200.00 as I have collected the pieces individually over the years and paid $450.00 for the large coffee pot and $375.00 for the large coffee cup and saucer alone.  Shipping is free through UPS. If interested, please contact me!

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One response to “Complete QUEEN MARY Tea Set For Sale

  1. Damn, Keith. I knew that gorgeous Art Deco table you featured a while ago was very valuable because I like furniture. I had no idea the other pieces were so valuable. I guess it’s whatever people are wiling to pay for collectibles.
    BTW, congrats on your new release. Love the story! Mothers from hell are always interesting.


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