1936 QUEEN MARY Cutaway

Cutaway 005 Cutaway 004 Cutaway 003 Cutaway 002 Cutaway 001

This 15″ X 40″ fold-out cutaway is from a pre-maiden voyage publication of “The Illustrated London News”.  It is an essential and most sought-after piece of memorabilia.  It shows every deck of the Queen Mary with 2 legends indicating 203 points of interest aboard.  “In the above illustration our artist shows the whole interior of this magnificent vessel, the latest triumph of British shipbuilding, which embodies nearly a century’s experience of the North Atlantic service and its needs.

Size, speed, dignity, stability – all these qualities are immediately suggested by her massive hull, clear-cut cruiser stern, and three shapely funnels.  She is not only the greatest achievement in the history of shipbuilding, but marks a new era in ocean travel.  Her passenger accommodation has been so planned as to give each class a degree of spaciousness, comfort and refinement never before attempted on so lavish a scale.  The staterooms on the sun deck, “A” and “B” decks are a revelation of modern ship luxury.”

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  1. Another amazing collectible.


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