QUEEN MARY Corridors

QUEEN MARY Hallway Painting 001                                                                                          100_3706 (1) Travelers-EBOOK QM Hallway

Before my mother passed away, I commissioned the Los Angeles-based artist Thom Bierdz to paint a cover for “The Travelers” before she passed.  My initial publishing house was small and I paid for the art work myself.  As can be seen in the above photos, Mr. Bierdz’s painting adorned the cover of the first publisher’s release.  The original is also pictured shown displayed on my bedroom wall. The other photo is an actual photo of a corridor.  My mother was delighted.  He captured the incredible beauty of one of Queen Mary‘s First Class corridors.  Over 700 feet long, the ends can not be seen.

When a bigger publisher, Champagne Book Group, contracted the “The Travelers” they made their own cover.  While similar, I prefer Mr. Bierdz’s which is a work of art.  I am not a soap opera watcher but he told me he was also known as the character Phillip Chancellor III on “The Young and the Restless”.  He paints full time and acts occasionally.  To see his paintings, go to http://www.thombierdz.com or call his gallery at (909) 436-9242. He can also be contacted via email at rockitwriter@aol.com to discuss possible commissioned paintings.  While I prefer his artistic approach and comprehensive capture of a corridor, the newest publisher insisted upon their own due to the nudity.  But if “The Travelers” ever becomes a best-seller, I will insist that his painting be used.


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