House Flags from QUEEN MARY

ImageImageImageIn 1930, the Cunard Line laid the keel of a ship then known as #534.  Cunard officials had planned on naming her Victoria since the -ia suffix was used on their liners (Mauretania, Lusitania, Aquitania, etc.) while the White Star Line used an -ic suffix on their liners (Olympic, Titanic, Majestic, etc.).  In 1931, however, Cunard shut down building of their superliner due to the Depression.  Over 80% complete, the hull rusted on the stocks until 1934 when the British Parliament agreed to a government loan to complete the giant with the stipulation that the rival lines merge and become Cunard White Star.  The president of Cunard had a golf date with King George and requested permission to “name the ship after England’s greatest queen”.  Without batting an eye, the King replied, “My wife would be delighted!”  So, #534 was launched in September and christened Queen Mary by her majesty.  In this way, the suffixes for each line’s ships would be eliminated.  From the time Queen Mary made her maiden voyage in 1936 until her retirement in 1967, she flew a double house flag on her aft mast.  In the attached photos, one can see the flags whipping high above the deck.  I own the last house flags she waved and have them displayed on my living room ceiling.  They are too large to mount on the wall as they are over 6 feet tall and 9 feet wide.  Because of the Titanic disaster, Cunard White Star Line dissolved the corporation by liquidating White Star’s assets and became simply Cunard.  The White Star Line became a memory, synonymous with the legendary disaster that befell its greatest ship.        


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3 responses to “House Flags from QUEEN MARY

  1. It’s nice that you own QM’s Last 2 flags.

    I own one of RMS Queen Elizabeth’s last Cunard House Flags.


    • Thank you, Mr. Aponte!

      I had them folded and stored in the attic, waiting for a time when God would favor me with a house of sufficient wall height to hang them. But I simply hated the idea that they were not displayed. Then, one afternoon, I was sweeping the ceiling of cobwebs and thought what a huge, unused area of drywall was being cleaned and thought of the flags. Everyone but everyone who visits me comments on them. I stare at the ceiling a lot now! Where do you have QUEEN ELIZABETH’s house flag displayed? Thanks, Keith


  2. Robbie Phillips

    Are you going to sell the flags?? I’ve been looking all over for a set or at least just a Cunard line flag!! Would pay big


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