“Castles Burning” Contract Offer

This has been an exhilarating and productive week for me with “The Travelers” released by Burst on Monday and, now on Friday, my novella “Castles Burning” has been contracted, also with Burst.  “Castles Burning” involves a son tossed about by the waves of a narcissistic mother and a simple but loving father.  The mother’s materialistic nature is realized early on but the severity and ultimate mental illness culminates in a climax of unspeakable action when the father dies.  Wil Warner is the son who washes onto the shore of adulthood as a man of paradox; Kat Lock Warner is the definition of pretentiousness with an unhealthy obsession of acquisition; and Tom Warner is the father from the wrong side of the tracks who falls headlong into the world of social stature and wealth.  A Modern Gothic, “Castles Burning” takes the reader from extraordinary heights of adoration to valleys of depravation.             

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  1. Congratulations, Keith! I now have The Travelers in my Kobo and am looking forward to reading it. 🙂


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